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Lumen Flux Measurement For SSL Products
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With lumen flux measurement for ssl products for sale, you can check the price with us, one of the best lumen tester, lumen meter, lumen measurement, luminous flux meter manufacturers in China.

Lumen Flux Measurement for SSL Products

LPCE-2(LMS-8000) is a Lumen Flux Measurement for SSL Products. LED's quality should be tested by checking its photometric, colorimetric and electrical parameters. According to CIE 127-1997 and IES LM 79-08 standards, it recommends using an array spectroradiometer with integrating sphere and photometer head to test SSL products. LISUN GROUP developed LPCE-2 test system for LED products.
The LMS-8000S CCD Spectroradiometer can connect with two integrating spheres: the big sphere is for LED luminaries and the small sphere is for LEDs & LED modules. The software can be chosen between the two integrating spheres to test. This new technology advanced can save a lot of time and longer use life the optical fiber & photo detector, the more introduce please visit at: Technology advanced for LMS-8000 CCD Spectroradiometer
System Configuration:
CCD Spectroradiometer (LMS-8000 or LMS-8000S), Optical Fiber (CFO-1.5M), Digital Power Meter (LS2008R), AC Power Source (LSP-500VA), Integrating Sphere (IS-1.5M55P and IS-0.3M), Standard Light Source (SLS-50W and SLS-10W)
 • Colorimetric: Total Radiant Intensity, Dominant Wavelength, Peak Wavelength, Color Coordinates, Half-Bandwidth, Spectral Purity, Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), Color Rendering Index (CRI).
 • Photometric: Total Luminous Flux, Luminous Efficiency, Radiant
 • Electrical: Forward Voltage, Reverse Voltage, Forward Current, Reverse Current, Voltage, Current, Power, Power Factor
 • Wavelength Range: 380nm ~ 800nm (Optional: 200nm~1050nm UV-VIS-NIR)
 • Spectral Wavelength Accuracy: ±1.5nm
 • Accuracy of Chromaticity Coordinate (Δx, Δy): ±0.0015 (based on standard illuminate A)
 • Correlated Color Temperature CCT: 1000K~100000K, CCT Accuracy: ±3%
 • Color Rendering Index Range: 0~100.0, Accuracy: ±(0.3%rd±0.3)
 • Photometry linearity: ±0.3%, Photometer detector: Class A
 • Range of Luminous Flux: 0.01lm~199,900lm (Equipped with right size of integrating sphere via SMA905)
 • Range of Luminous Intensity: 1mcd~999.9cd (Optional Function: it request to equipped with luminous intensity device)
 • Complete measurement results in less than 1 second.
 • With a build-in DC Power Supply for standard light source or LED: digital control, 0.01mA~3000.0mA (±0.5%) and 0.01V~30.0V (±0.5%)
 • Connect with PC via USB, English version software can be run under WinXP and Win7

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